Fault reporting

Fault reporting for problems in your apartment or common facilities, send an email to: info@wiabservice.se or call 08-80 20 40 during office hours Monday-Friday 7.30-16.30

Facility Manager

Wahlings Installationsservice AB
Norrbyvägen 32
168 69 Bromma


Fault reporting outside office

Fault reporting outside office hours shall only be done if:

Problems where damages can get worse, for example water damage.
Urgent cases, for example if the heating system doesn’t work in the middle of winter.
If the problem is so serious that it prohibits our tenants (Salong Silverdal & Bengtson Design) to do their job.

If your problem meets the requirements stated, call 08-80 16 28 to file your error report outside office hours.



When reporting a fault in an elevator, we refer directly to Schindler.

Phone: 020-31 33 33



For warrantable or suspected construction errors please contact styrelsen@silverdalskulle.se. The board will collect everything coming in and regularly forward your input to Skanska.



We have an additional insurance with Brandkontoret, www.brandkontoret.se. If you get a water damage or other damage to fixtures and fittings, then promptly contact the board: styrelsen@silverdalskulle.se.

Please note that it’s important that you contact your own home insurance company first. Note that you don’t need the add on “bostadsrättstillägg” with your home insurance company.

Here is the insurance information documents (only available in Swedish)

  Insurance details (pdf)
  Insurance terms and conditions (pdf)