Move in / Move out

What to consider when you move in

Send an email to in order to get the nameplate by the door/on the mailbox changed.

The association has signed a group agreement with Telenor for TV and broadband. Normally, moving out, contact Telenor to make a transfer of equipment. A transfer form must be sign by both parties.

The association has a common electricity agreement for all apartments. Thus, no individual electricity contract needs to be signed. Electricity consumption is read at 3-month intervals and charged on future rental notices.
When transferring an apartment, any adjustment of the estimated electricity cost is made directly at the transfer, or subsequently when debiting of the actual cost has taken place via rental rent.
The electricity grid is managed within Sollentuna by SEOM – Sollentuna Energi, so there we have our grid fees and power fees. We have signed an agreement with Fortum for the current electricity consumption. The agreement is variable with a surcharge per kWh consumed. From 1 December, a charge of 2.69 ex VAT per consumed kWh will be made

More information about parking

What to consider when you move out

Leave the Skanska Bopärm with drawings and important information about warranties to the next resident!

Do not forget to terminate your parking space in advance or you will continue to receive invoices for it. Contact details can be found here.

Return the card with parking (Qpark) in case you have had a parking outside in the Board’s mailbox located in M23.

Ask your broker to contact the board before the membership for new members can be accepted.

HD-box and router has to be registered to the new owners (new routin from 2019). You that is moving out need to call Telenor 020-222 222 to make sure this is taken care of. Remember to have the contract of your apartment sale available since you need to have the new owners social security number to complete this action. You are personally responsible for equipment borrowed from Telenor.