Keys & Entrance system

Short info on the new door phones

PA MIF-519 is a door phone with a clear display for digital housing register. The visitor easily scrolls with the arrow keys to the correct person and press ring and it dials the current number. The recipient answers with his landline or mobile phone and opens the door with a push of a button, 5 (five). The door phone also functions as a standard pass reader with tag / key tag.

Info about RCO phone in english (pdf)


New keys may be ordered from
Email your name + apartmentsnumber + adress + keynumber (all the numbers on the key)

You pick up the key at AB Byggbeslag lås & säkerhet
Visiting address: Viderögatan 3, Kista
Phone: 010-163 64 30 (Switchboard)

Entrance System

In May 2017 a new entrance system was introduced, the entry code was removed and replaced with tags. To open the door, move the tag in front of the reader.

All members have been given threee tags (yellow, red, white) that works for the entrances 24/7. The different colors are used to be able to identify the tag if lost.

If you need more tags you can order extras. The cost is 200 SEK per tag, same applies if you loose one of your tags. The cost will be added to your monthly fee.

If one of your tags are lost, you need to report this to the board as soon as possible in order to block it.

When you move all tags shall be handed to the new owner, in the same way that you do with the regular keys belonging to the apartment.


Automatic doors

To open the doors from the outside, hold the tag in front of the reader and then press on the button that looks like a “door bell”.

To open the door from inside, just press on the white button with a key. Make sure to stand next to the door so you don’t hurt yourself.

It’s of course possible to open the door manually by using the tag and then open the regular way. From inside, you can use the door knob.

If you need to leave the door open, for example when moving, it’s essential that you turn off the power to avoid harming the system. You do this by using the switch on the inside to the left of the door. When you’re finished, let the door close itself and the turn on the power again.