Rules for well-being

Rules for well-being for BRF Silverdals Kulle 1.

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1. Owner shall take care of the apartment as his own as well as the property of the association.

2. In case of an incident or damage which needs to be rectified, the ’building caretaker’ needs to be contacted immediately.

3. Works in the apartment, which can disturb others in the building may not be carried on at nighttime. Apartment owners cannot run any business without permission from the Board.

4. Members shall follow the regulations concerning pests and discovery of pests should be immediately informed to the building caretaker.

5. Securing of inflammable goods in the apartment and the apartment storage is restricted according to the law 1988:868 about inflammable and explosive goods.

6. Antennas and Dishes may not be put up without the Board’s approval.

7. Regulations concerning the equipment and discipline in the common areas should be followed when using the common spaces.

8. The apartment owners may only carry out permanent arrangements/changes, if they are in accordance with the Board’s recommendations or after the Board’s approval.

9. Pet owners need to ensure that they don’t make too much noise, stay clean and do not damage the association’s, another member/resident’s property. Dogs without a leash are not allowed to run within the association buildings.

10. Sorting of waste shall be done according to the recommendations. Trash needs to be put in a packet before being put away. (See separate instruction)
Only residual waste may be thrown in the garbage can.

11. Show extra concern for your neighbours after kl 22:00 and before kl 8:00. Keep in mind that things like high volume on music systems/TV, usage of laundry machine/dryer/dishwasher etc. cause disturbance to your neighbours. During these times, avoid noise in the garden area too.

12. Drilling and other disturbing handiwork activity is restricted to the following times:
Weekdays 08.00-19.00 Weekends 10.00-18.00

13. Carpets, mats, clothes etc. may not be dusted off from balconies/outside space, in entries, in the stairs or from the windows.

14. According to the legislation, nothing (eg. trash, prams, packages, cycles, flowers etc.) should be kept in the staircase, common spaces like storage corridors and in the garden. In case of fire or smoke, there is need for evacuation. Therefore, cycles, prams etc. can only be kept in the recommended spaces or in one’s own apartment/balcony. The same applies for mats outside main doors

15. Cigarette buds/Snus, garbage etc. are not to be thrown in common spaces or in the garden.

16. Only electric or gas grill is allowed to be used in the balconies or outside spaces.

17. Permission for all forms of signs or posters, inwards or outwards is restricted. Permission shall be given by the Board in written form.

18. Avoid using vehicles over the grass area and planted areas.

19. Outside-spaces and balconies are taken care of by respective owners/residents. Flower boxes can be hung on the inside of the balcony rail.

20. Avoid putting the car engine on idly and creating unnecessary sound between kl 22.00 – 8.00.

21. Parking a car or leaving it on any other place than the garage-/parking places is forbidden.

The goal is to keep our area as free as possible from car traffic. The ground rule is that it is generally prohibited to drive motor vehicle in the area but there are certain exceptions. It is allowed to drive in the area with low speed (maximum 10km/hr) for onloading or offloading of very heavy stuff. There are special exceptions for handicapped and medical transportations. Garage-/car parking places may only be used for keeping the motor vehicle. It is not allowed to keep anything else on the wall or the roof or at the place itself.