In order to be able to sublease your apartment you need a permission from the board. To get a permission you need to show that you have a valid reason, for example studies or work in another town/country, a long trip, “test live” with your partner in another apartment.

Print and fill in the form “ansökningsblankett”. The board wants the original application with your signature. It’s important to be clear how long you intend to sublease your apartment. If you want to sublease the apartment for a longer period than you have written in your application you need to send a new application well in time to the board.

New routin from 2019 is that a representative from the board shall meet both owner and tenant before sublease of your apartment can be approved.

When you sublease you need to pay a fee, the fee is 10% of the valid “prisbasbelopp”. For 2019 the “prisbasbelopp” is 46500 SEK, which mean that the fee for sublease for one year is 4650 SEK. If you sublease your apartment for a shorter period the fee will be lower.

Remember that you as owner of the apartment is responsible for everything that your tenant does. It’s very important that you inform the person renting your apartment about our rules.

  Download Ansökningsblankett (pdf)