Indoor parking

Two common heated garages are available. The cost for a parking space in a garage is 850 kr per month. These parkings are managed by Skanska, contact for more information.

Outdoor parking

The association also has 34 outdoor parking spaces with no. 1-20 courtyard and no. 47-60 on Margreteborgsvägen. The cost for an outdoor parking space is 400 kr per month. The parking spaces do not belong to the apartment of the tenant, and the rent will have to be terminated when the tenant moves. Please note that all places are recorded and paid for. It is your responsibility as resident to make sure that neither you nor your guests park in someone else’s parking space.

Valid parking permit from Aimo is needed.

If you are interested in outdoor parking, please contact We will respond if anything is available right now.

NOTE! When you move and/or terminate your parking space, please hand back your parking permits in the Board’s mailbox located in Margreteborgsvägen 23!